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Job Opening

We are accepting job applications for Nursery Supervisor. Please download and complete the application:  mail to 400 Lakeview Rd, Mexico, Missouri 65265 or email to


Nursery Supervisor


The Nursery Supervisor will operate the nursery as a child safe/friendly area at all times, seeking help when needed. Hourly wage up to $15.00 per hour commensurate with experience.


  1. Assure dependable supervision is provided in the nursery at all times.

  2. Notify the Pastor and/or Staff Committee of any planned or emergency absences.

  3. Devote constant attention to the orderly conduct of nursery duties.

  4. Have each parent sign in and out with all information applicable to them and their child.

  5. Assure that all children and their personal effects (clothing, bags, bottles, etc.) are safely and properly stored.

  6. Perform “light” housekeeping duties, such as weekly cleaning of toys and play areas, checking toys for safety hazards, caring for linens from church supply.

  7. Wash, clean, and sanitize toys and other objects within the nursery that the children may contact.

  8. Have nursery television on for viewing of the service.

  9. As needed, monitor bathroom hygiene, perform diaper changes.

  10. Notify Staff Committee of any nursery needs.



  1. Love and enjoy being with small children of all ages.

  2. Possess an open, outgoing persona, friendly and engaging to those using the nursery service.

  3. Feel comfortable approaching/greeting all families, visitors as they enter the nursery.

  4. Possess (or be willing to acquire) a working knowledge of the developmental stages of children 0-5 years, so as to assure that children play with age appropriate toys.

  5. Work alongside parent of infants less than a year old while in the nursery.

  6. Become a Category 3 worker as defined in our church’s Child Protection Policy.  Complete a Child Protection Worker Application, pass a background check, and complete online Child Abuse Prevention Training prior to beginning employment.

  7. Complete and maintain CPR certification within 60 days of employment.  Class cost to be paid for by the church.


Terms of Employment:

  1. Work each Sunday from 8:30-11:00am providing nursery support for Church service and Sunday School, (even when children are not present) submitting time sheet to the financial secretary for time worked. 

  2. Communicate with the Pastor and/or Staff Committee to determine any changes in hours or level of services needed.

  3. Other Church ‘non-Sunday’ worship services or events may become available for employment, if the employee is available.

  4. Be prepared, in the event of resignation, to provide the Staff Committee with a four-week notice of intent.

  5. Insure that the Church’s Child Protection Policy is followed.

  6. Be available (flexible) to adjust to the change of Church Service and Sunday School times (if necessary) and other special services held at the Church.



  1. Performance evaluation and salary review to be conducted annually by the Pastor and Staff Committee

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